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Bihai's Rainforest


Welcome to my little slice of paradise. Bihai's Rainforest is a 1728 Sq Ft greenhouse in No. Central FL dedicated to the nurture of tropical and rainforest plants. Included in my collection are over 40 species of heliconia, many bromeliads, orchids, tropical gingers, tropical lianas and other plants. I do trade from time to time, if there is something that interests me. I am a licensed grower and sell my overage during the season wholesale to local nurseries and retail by mail. Please see my second website: tropicalplantparadise.4t.com. If you have questions about any plants you may see on this site, please send me an email at:


Rainforest Environment

Because my rainforest environment is limited to a 20 ft ceiling, it is impossible for me to provide the uppermost rainforest layer, the emergent layer or the true canopy layer. So, I have started with a modified canopy layer containing fixed pieces of driftwood, cut grapevine, and other mounting substrate as well as hanging baskets. In this layer I have vines and climbers like Strongylodon macrobotrys, passiflora, dwarf monstera, mandevilla, climbing Ylang Ylang, and others, as well as orchids, ferns, bromeliads, philodendrons, and carnivorous plants. My understory layer contains calatheas, plumeria, small palms, heliconias, bromeliads, orchids, vines, gingers, and aroids. The forest floor is planted with ferns, mosses and various creeping groundcovers. A small inground pond ringed with ferns, plumerias, heliconia, orchids and bromeliads lends the sound of falling water. 


I became fascinated with heliconias several years ago after visiting Hawaii and seeing them growing. I have never actually been to the rainforest but hope to visit Costa Rica in the future. The bold, colorful inflorescences of heliconia are what I think of when I think "tropics". I began collecting heliconias through purchase and trade, not realizing that when the plants reached maturity they would be huge. Many of my plants had reached gargantuan proportions, some up to 16 ft tall in 30 gallon tubs. Living in USDA Zone 8B, I was forced to overwinter over 50 such plants of varying sizes every winter indoors in my home for years. Finally, I decided enough was enough. We moved from in town to a 5 acre home in the country and immediately built the rainforest greenhouse. It was finished in Sept. 2003 and immediately planted with my collection of heliconias and 100's of other tropicals. By the first cold weather in November, everyone was safe and sound being maintained at a min. nighttime temp of 60F. Growth has been phenomenal and many plants are blooming this winter.

Tropicals as houseplants

If you long to grow flowering tropical plants but don't have something like the rainforest greenhouse to help you, some plants lend themselves to pot culture inside pretty well. I have been most successful with bananas, plumerias, and various aroids like Alocasia amazonica and its hybrids. Lots of light and extra humidity are necessary but its worth it!

New photographs!

New photos added October 2004! Enjoy!